13 September 1934 Hobart, Tasmania

 (75 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Going back Going back 1976 Bea MADDOCK three colour photo-etchings P15.a-c-1977
Flying bird Flying bird (1964); (1965) {printed} Bea MADDOCK drypoint and plate-tone P102-1989
Philosophy I Philosophy I 1972 Bea MADDOCK photo-etching, etching and plate-tone 1999.301
Personality A.W. Personality A.W. (1969) Bea MADDOCK colour screenprint P201-1990
Square Square 1972 Bea MADDOCK photo-etching and etching P24-1973
Journey II Journey II 1977 Bea MADDOCK photo-etching and stipple engraving; aquatint printed in buff ink 1999.313.2
Journey IV Journey IV 1977 Bea MADDOCK photo-etching and stipple engraving; aquatint printed in buff ink 1999.313.4
Caliper Caliper 1974 Bea MADDOCK photo-etching P3-1975
Chair II Chair II 1974 Bea MADDOCK photo-etching P2-1975
Situation A Situation A 1971; (1972) {printed} Bea MADDOCK offset colour lithograph 1999.300
Child V Child V 1976 Bea MADDOCK photo-etching 1999.308
Running Running (1966) Bea MADDOCK drypoint and plate-tone P100-1989
Colour Colour 1979 Bea MADDOCK artist's book: 60 colour photo-etchings, aquatints and etchings, letterpress printed in grey ink, embossing, 72 pages interleaved with tissue paper, linen-covered cardboard cover, handstitched binding, embossed paper slip-cover P190.a-b-1979
Diary Diary 1989 Bea MADDOCK artist's book: pencil, photocopy, pen and ink, black and blue ballpoint pen, fibre-tipped pen, 25 pages (plastic sleeves with paper inserts), black plastic ring-bound cover P144-1990
Flower woman Flower woman (1966) Bea MADDOCK drypoint and plate-tone P101-1989
Passing the glass darkly Passing the glass darkly 1976 Bea MADDOCK photo-etching and engraving P12-1977
Ancestor II Ancestor II (1968) Bea MADDOCK etching, blind-printing and plate-tone P98-1989
Funeral I Funeral I 1971 Bea MADDOCK photo-etching, aquatint and open-biting 1999.299
Page 1: Many reasons why Page 1: Many reasons why 1979 Bea MADDOCK colour photo-etching, relief etching, aquatint and burnishing P191.1-1979
Artifacts from Tromemanner Artifacts from Tromemanner 1990 Bea MADDOCK artist's book: 48 etchings and engravings with colour monotype, letterpress printed in black and brown ink, 56 pages, cloth-covered cardboard cover, hand-stitched binding P140-1993