13 September 1934 Hobart, Tasmania

 (75 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Male III Male III (1967) Bea MADDOCK woodcut on Japanese paper 1999.296
Warning Warning 1975 Bea MADDOCK printed colour illustration, white gouache, pencil and collage of found printed objects and torn paper on newspaper P42-1981
Ancestor II Ancestor II (1968) Bea MADDOCK etching, blind-printing and plate-tone P98-1989
Figure on the red square Figure on the red square (1967-1968) Bea MADDOCK colour screenprint 1999.297
Model with a cast Model with a cast 1960 Bea MADDOCK etching, sugar-lift aquatint, soft-ground etching and plate-tone 1999.291
Shoes Shoes 1974 Bea MADDOCK photo-etching, etching and aquatint 1999.305
Four times five Four times five 1970 Bea MADDOCK colour photo-screenprint 1999.298
Fossicker Fossicker 1963 Bea MADDOCK lithograph P5-1991
White shadow White shadow 1974 Bea MADDOCK photo-etching, burnishing and plate-tone P9-1975
Fantasy Fantasy (1965) Bea MADDOCK etching, drypoint and plate-tone P6-1991
Shadow drawing I Shadow drawing I (1973); (1981) {reworked} Bea MADDOCK pen and ink over photo-etching P38-1981
Your turn Your turn 1976 Bea MADDOCK colour photo-etching, etching, soft-ground etching, burnishing, roulette and drypoint 1999.312
Square drawing I Square drawing I (1972); (1981) {reworked} Bea MADDOCK pen and ink over photo-etching and etching P39-1981
Four pages Four pages 1988 Bea MADDOCK letterpress printed in cream ink on handmade flax paper 1999.317.a-d
Forty pages from Antarctica Forty pages from Antarctica 1988 Bea MADDOCK etching printed in tan ink, embossing, stencil and watercolour on 21 sheets P94.a-u-1988