1948 Frankston, Melbourne, Victoria

 (48 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Study for walking by the sea Study for walking by the sea 2003 Rick AMOR watercolour 2008.36
The ship The ship 2003 Rick AMOR etching 2012.418
Runner Runner 1984 Rick AMOR woodcut 2012.397
Empire of the sea Empire of the sea 1999 Rick AMOR etching 2012.413
The sea The sea 1990 Rick AMOR etching and aquatint printed with plate-tone P182-1990
(Self portrait) (Self portrait) 1986 Rick AMOR linocut on Japanese paper 1996.811
The waiter The waiter 1997 Rick AMOR lithograph 2012.411
Returning storm Returning storm 2001 Rick AMOR etching 2012.415
The dog The dog 2002 Rick AMOR etching 2012.416
The judge The judge 1998-2002 Rick AMOR etching 2012.412
Self-portrait Self-portrait 1988 Rick AMOR woodcut 2012.399
Garden Garden 1989 Rick AMOR etching 2012.400
Self portrait Self portrait 2006 Rick AMOR pencil 2010.119
Self-portrait fragment Self-portrait fragment 1990 Rick AMOR woodcut 2012.402
Street at night Street at night 2006 Rick AMOR etching 2012.420
The flats The flats 1993 Rick AMOR woodcut 2012.405
Solitary life Solitary life 2005 Rick AMOR etching 2012.419
The city 6am The city 6am 1990 Rick AMOR etching P181-1990
Portal Portal 2007 Rick AMOR aquatint and etching 2012.423
The arcade The arcade 1995 Rick AMOR charcoal 2010.118