Alison RAE

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Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Decorated fan, dedicated to May Vale Decorated fan, dedicated to May Vale 1892 M. E. F. ATKINS; Gertrude AULD; J.G. BUELER; F. CARLYLE; E.F. CUSACK; F.M. FAILES; M. de GRADOWSKY; M.J. GREEN; F. HARDY; J. HARDY; Jess HARDY; Lydia HARPER; Clarinda HOCKLY; Olivia HOCKLY; M. JACKSON; L. JONES; Eugene LITTLE; E.S. MARCH; Elya MIKZELESOSKA; M.J. PAYNE; Alison RAE; Iso RAE; L. SAINT; Bertie SMITH; S. STANYEN; Bill SYKES pen and ink, gouache and collage on printed paper fan P67-1992