26 June 1830 Dägeling, Duchy of Holstein, Germany
07 September 1917 Adelaide, South Australia
German; Australian

 (13 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Inkwell Inkwell (c. 1885) J. M. WENDT (attributed to) silver, emu egg, ebonised wood D213-1979
Tray Tray (c. 1890) J. M. WENDT silver D9-1982
St Leger Trophy St Leger Trophy (c. 1880) J. M. WENDT silver D24.a-b-1986
Belt buckle Belt buckle (c. 1900) J. M. WENDT silver D25.a-b-1985
Cross Cross (c. 1890) J. M. WENDT 15ct gold D26-1985
Standing cup Standing cup (c. 1865) J. M. WENDT silver, silver gilt, ostrich egg D4-1985
Inkwell Inkwell (c. 1885) J. M. WENDT silver, emu egg, ebonised wood, brass, nacre D61.a-c-1979
Cricketing trophy Cricketing trophy (c. 1900) J. M. WENDT silver, silver-gilt D104-1981
Pair of trophies Pair of trophies (c. 1880) J. M. WENDT sterling silver, emu egg D224.a-b-1979
Mug Mug (c. 1885) J. M. WENDT silver D25-1986
Brooch Brooch (c. 1875) J. M. WENDT gold D144-1981
Vignette Vignette (c. 1875) J. M. WENDT (attributed to) silver, brass D30-1990
Trophy Trophy (c. 1870) J. M. WENDT silver D67-1979