Eileen MAYO

11 September 1906 Norwich, England
1994 New Zealand

 (8 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Pumpkin Pumpkin 1962 Eileen MAYO colour linocut 1202-5
Cats in trees Cats in trees (before 1937) Eileen MAYO colour linocut 436-4
The squirrel The squirrel (1930s) Eileen MAYO lithograph 3396-4
Spring morning Spring morning 1952 Eileen MAYO colour lithograph 3395-4
Musk duck Musk duck (1940s-mid 1950s) Eileen MAYO lithograph 3398-4
Girl with cat Girl with cat (1940s-mid 1950s) Eileen MAYO colour linocut 3397-4
Woman and siamese cat Woman and siamese cat 1952 Eileen MAYO colour lithograph 3394-4
The doves The doves (c. 1948) Eileen MAYO wood-engraving 3399-4