19 November 1939 Melbourne, Victoria

 (33 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Two figures Two figures 1981 Gareth SANSOM pencil 2013.423
Construction 1 Construction 1 2002 Gareth SANSOM oil, enamel paint, alkyd resin and marble dust on canvas 2004.360
Don’t look now Don’t look now 2003 Gareth SANSOM collage of inkjet print, cut paper, polaroid photograph, synthetic polymer paint, coloured fibre-tipped pen, watercolour and polyvinyl acetate 2013.428
Play Play 1989 Gareth SANSOM watercolour and graphite pencil 2008.346
Understanding my chin Understanding my chin 1981 Gareth SANSOM collage of silver gelatin photographs, coloured fibre-tipped pen, enamel paint, ink, crayon and polyvinyl acetate 2013.424
Wee Ian Wee Ian 1967-1968 Gareth SANSOM enamel paint and collage of cut out paper on composition board 2010.544
Evening rendezvous Evening rendezvous 1977 Gareth SANSOM oil, enamel and collage (etchings, magazine images and tape) on masonite 2010.545
Untitled Untitled 1981 Gareth SANSOM synthetic polymer paint, polyvinyl acetate and fibre-tipped pen 2008.348
Performance Performance 2003 Gareth SANSOM synthetic polymer paint, coloured fibre-tipped pens, cut paper, pencil, watercolour and polyvinyl acetate 2013.427
Untitled Untitled 2002 Gareth SANSOM fibre-tipped pen, acrylic paint, paper collage and adhesive tape 2008.349.a-h
Face on blue Face on blue (2000-2001) Gareth SANSOM oil and enamel paint on canvas 2010.548
Indian love Indian love 1989 Gareth SANSOM watercolour and graphite pencil 2008.345
Two figures with gondola Two figures with gondola 2005 Gareth SANSOM coloured fibre-tipped pen, synthetic polymer paint, cut paper, pencil, watercolour, polyvinyl acetate and scratching back 2013.429