10 November 1880 New York, New York, United States
19 August 1959 London, England
American; English

 (21 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Tanya Tanya 1937 Jacob EPSTEIN plaster coated with shellac EA11-1971
Sunflower Sunflower (c. 1912-1913) Jacob EPSTEIN stone S1-1983
Sunflower Sunflower (1936) Jacob EPSTEIN gouache over pencil 922-5
Male figure Male figure (1907-1908); (1937) {cast} Jacob EPSTEIN plaster EA8-1971
Isobel Nicholas Isobel Nicholas (1932) Jacob EPSTEIN plaster, shellac EA10-1971
Deidre Deidre 1941 Jacob EPSTEIN plaster coated with shellac EA17-1971
Maternity Maternity 1908 Jacob EPSTEIN plaster EA7-1971
Mrs McEvoy Mrs McEvoy (1909) Jacob EPSTEIN bronze 3423.a-b-D3
Field-Marshal Smuts Field-Marshal Smuts (1953-1957) Jacob EPSTEIN plaster, shellac EA15-1971
Professor Albert Einstein Professor Albert Einstein (1933) Jacob EPSTEIN bronze 675A-D4
Robert Rhodes Robert Rhodes 1951 Jacob EPSTEIN plaster coated with shellac EA14-1971
Rabindranath Tagore Rabindranath Tagore (1926) Jacob EPSTEIN bronze 692.a-b-D4
Pola Nerenska Pola Nerenska (1937) Jacob EPSTEIN plaster, shellac EA12-1971
Bishop Woods Bishop Woods (1958) Jacob EPSTEIN plaster, shellac EA16-1971
Head of an infant Head of an infant (1902-1904) Jacob EPSTEIN bronze 675B-D4
Princesse de Braganza Princesse de Braganza 1944 Jacob EPSTEIN plaster coated in shellac EA13-1971
Nude study Nude study (1928) Jacob EPSTEIN pencil 916-5
Dahlias Dahlias (c. 1936) Jacob EPSTEIN gouache over pencil 832-5
Sunita Sunita (1925) Jacob EPSTEIN plaster, shellac EA9-1971
Sunita Sunita (1924-1931) Jacob EPSTEIN watercolour and pencil P13-1986