ENGLAND, Bristol

 (19 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
CUPS & SAUCER CUPS & SAUCER c. 1775 Bristol (manufacturer) Tea cup, coffee cup & saucer 3083.1-3-D3
Goblet Goblet (late 18th century) ENGLAND, Bristol (manufacturer) glass 1298-D4
WINE GLASS WINE GLASS ENGLAND, Bristol (manufacturer) Conical bowl, widely reinforced at base, stem with central beaded knob, green glass, Georgian 2433-D3
BOTTLE BOTTLE 19th century Bristol (manufacturer) Wine bottle, blue glass 3187-D3
DECANTER DECANTER ENGLAND, Bristol (manufacturer) Green, ship's decanter 1299-D3
DECANTER DECANTER 19th century ENGLAND, Bristol (manufacturer) Green, ship's decanter 1300-D3
GOBLET GOBLET c. 1772 Bristol (manufacturer) Round funnel bowl, engraved "Joseph Dear, Born March 12th, 1772", double series twist, spiral threads 3606-D3
CUP & SAUCER CUP & SAUCER c. 1775 Bristol (manufacturer) From the Trapnell Collection 293.1-2-D4
ROLLING PIN ROLLING PIN Bristol (manufacturer) 3274-D3
PLATE PLATE 18th century Bristol (manufacturer) Painted scene of peacocks, blue 4430-D3
FLASK FLASK Bristol (manufacturer) coloured glass, double flask, Nailsea, white enamelled and pinched decoration 1908-D3
Vase Vase (late 18th century) ENGLAND, Bristol (manufacturer) glass 905-D4
JUG JUG c. 1775 Bristol (manufacturer) From the Trapnell collection (no.431) 252-D4
FLASK FLASK 18th century Bristol (manufacturer) Splashed red, white & blue, twisted under coloured glass 2431-D3
VASE VASE 1760-1770 Bristol (manufacturer) Opaque white glass decorated with flowers in coloured enamels 1468-D5
CUP CUP c. 1775 Bristol (manufacturer) "X" mark & numeral in blue 261-D4
WINE GLASS WINE GLASS Bristol (manufacturer) Cup bowl, plain stem, Tyneside amethyst glass, Georgian 2432-D3
Wine glass Wine glass (c. 1810) ENGLAND, Bristol (manufacturer) glass 2434-D3
DISH DISH c. 1775 Bristol (manufacturer) 4718-D3