Six good reasons to stay at home
Hiraki Sawa video works

Free entry

NGV International

Contemporary Design and New Media, Level 3

7 Sep 06 – 3 Dec 06

Hiraki Sawa’s home is both the backdrop and inspiration for most of the works in Six good reasons to stay at home.  In the videos of the artist’s modest apartment in this exhibition, strange and magical activities take place when there is no one at home to witness them.  Rooms are suddenly transformed by the converging flight paths of swarms of model airplanes and tiny naked figures and animals from the images of 19th century photographer Eadweard Muybridge also populate the space, aimlessly traversing the surfaces throughout the apartment in a meditative yet slightly disturbing way.  In the whimsical world of Sawa’s videos domestic space becomes a place of wonder, but our voyeuristic inclusion within this world frequently edges towards the surreal.

Born in 1977 in Ishikawa, Hiraki Sawa lives and works in London. Six good reasons to stay at home is Hiraki Sawa’s first solo exhibition in Australia.