International Art

The Department of International Art 1300-1980 acquires, manages, researches, displays and promotes the National Gallery of Victoria’s permanent collection of European, British and North American paintings and sculptures, which are displayed across fifteen permanent gallery spaces in NGV International. The NGV’s International Art collections present a coherent history of western art from 1300 to the twentieth century. The development of Italian painting can be studied in depth from the fourteenth to eighteenth centuries. The NGV holds Australia’s most comprehensive collection of French pre-Impressionist and Impressionist paintings; while British painting from the eighteenth to the twentieth century is also a collection strength. The NGV’s holdings of nineteenth-century British and French sculpture, while small, are also choice. Currently the scope of the Department of International Art covers painting and sculpture made up to 1980, after which date works fall within the scope of the Department of Contemporary Art.

Collection Highlights

Our Team

Ted Gott
Senior Curator, International Art

Laurie Benson
Curator, International Art

Sophie Matthiesson
Curator, International Art