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Figure group of Pataikos on crocodiles
Late Period, Dynasty XXVI 664 BCE-525 BCE

6.9 × 5.4 × 3.0 cm
Place/s of Execution
Accession Number
Credit Line
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Accessioned, 1982
Gallery location
The Ancient World
Level 2, NGV International
A small, complex group of figures on a low plinth. The central figure is Pataikos, shown naked and wearing a scarab on his head. He stands upon the muzzle of two crocodiles who are bent around nose to nose and tail to tail. On each shoulder of Pataikos sits a small hawk, facing forwards. He is also flanked by figures of 2 goddesses with their arms by their sides and standing on the backs of the crocodiles. Behind Pataikos is the figure of a winged goddess with the sun's disk on her head and wings outstretched. The goddesses on the sides may be Isis and Nephthys. All figures are semi-attached.