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6th century BCE-5th century BCE

11.9 × 3.2 cm diameter
Place/s of Execution
Eastern Mediterranean
Accession Number
Credit Line
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Purchased, 1967
Gallery location
Not on display
Physical description
Opaque, royal blue alabastron with a horizontal, slightly cupped rim above a constricted neck, tall, cylindrical body with an angular shoulder from which the sides expand downwards to the maximum diameter near a convex base. On the body, 1cm below the shoulder are two ring handles with pronounced, well-made tails. The vessel is decorated around the edge of the rim with a single, yellow trail and on the neck and body a trail beginning underneath the rim and continuing to 1.0 cm above the base, trails of yellow and pale green mingled together, horizontal at top and bottom and combed two ways into zigzags around the middle of the body. The vessel was modelled on a core, the mouth still showing a rough edge caused by forming on a core-rod. The rim is tooled around this, in the form of a horizontal disk, after the vessel was released from the core. The trails and handles were drawn on, the trail at the rim is unmarvered but the others are marvered.