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etching and engraving
35.6 × 31.9 cm (image) 47.9 × 37.6 cm (plate) 52.9 × 40.4 cm (sheet)
Place/s of Execution
London, England
Catalogue/s Raisonné
Paulson 210 i/iii (copy); BM Satires 2426 iii/iii
3rd of 3 states
printed in ink l.c.: W: HOGARTH. INV.T (T in superscript above . ) I: MILLS. SCULP.T (T in superscript above . )
printed in ink l.l.: Published Nov.r (r in superscript above . ) (th in superscript above . ) 1795 by Iohn Ireland, N.o (o in superscript above . ) 3 Poets Corner, Palace Yard, Westminster
printed in ink u.c.: HOGARTH'S FIRST THOUGHT FOR THE MEDLEY. / Copied from a very curious Print designed and engraved by Hogarth, of which there are only two Impressions, both of them in the possession of John Ireland—March 15th (th in superscript) 1796 / After taking the above Impressions, Hogarth changed the point of his satire, from the superstitious absurdities / of popery, and ridiculous personification delineated by ancient Painters, to the popular credulities of his own day, erased or essentially altered every Figure except two, and on the same piece of copper, engraved the plate now in the possession of (rs in superscript above . ) Boydell, entitled / Credulity, Superſtition& Fanataciſm, a Medley.
printed in ink l.c.: Copied from Hogarth's hand-writing beneath the Original Print. / ENTHUSIASM / DELINEATED / Humbly Dedicated to his Grace / the Arch Bishop of Canterbury / by his Graces most obedient hum:ble (ble in superscript above : ) Serv:t (t in superscript above : ) / W: Hogarth / ADVERTISEMENT / The intention of this Print is to give a lineal representation, of the Strange effects / of literal and low conceptions of Sacred Beings, as also of the Idolatrous / tendency of Pictures in Churches, and Prints in religious books. &c / Proof
printed in ink l.l.: A. after Raphael Urbino / B. after Rubens / C. after Rembrandt / D.E.F.G.H. are imitations / of several other Painters / (sketch of the Virgin putting the Christ child in the mill) / the windmill / (sketch of a windmill)
printed in ink l.r.: A Methodiſts brain / (sketch of a bird) / the scales / (sketch of balance)
Accession Number
International Prints / International Prints and Drawings
Credit Line
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Felton Bequest, 1923
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