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(ALPHABET/HAEMORRHAGE) Black Box of 100 Self Portrait Etchings 2

set of 100 etchings, with foul biting, drypoint, softground, roulette, deep etching, open biting and plate-tone, wood and enamel paint (box)
(a-vvvv) 28.6 × 24.2 cm (image and sheet) (each) (wwww) 7.4 × 27.8 × 31.8 cm (box)
Place/s of Execution
Alexandria, Sydney, New South Wales; Thornbury, Melbourne, Victoria
unique state
Accession Number
Australian Prints / Australian Prints & Drawings
Credit Line
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Purchased, 1994
© Courtesy of the artist
Gallery location
Not on display
About the work

ALPHABET/ HAEMORRHAGE (Black box of 100 self portrait etchings) was made in 1992 when Mike Parr was reintroducing performance into his practice after a break of over a decade. The work comprises 100 small self-portrait etchings contained within a black box, and it was first 'performed' as 100 Breaths in 1992.

Parr began his self-portrait project in 1982. Since that time he has produced more than 1,000 self-portraits in different media. Parr continuously makes self-portrait drawings using photographs or the mirror, or by drawing from memory. The endless variety of these works reveals the impossibility of fixing an image that is a 'true' representation of the essential self.