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Gasometers at Clichy
(Les Gazomètres. Clichy)

oil on canvas
65.0 × 81.0 cm
Accession Number
International Painting
Credit Line
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Felton Bequest, 1948
Gallery location
Late 19th & early 20th Century Paintings & Decorative Arts Gallery
Level 2, NGV International
In 1880 Signac’s family moved to Asnières, an outer area of Paris dotted with large gas storage tanks, factories, cranes and chimney stacks. Signac began painting this polluted and semiindustrial locale, deeply foreign to his main audience, the Paris bourgeoisie. In 1884 Signac befriended Georges Seurat, pioneer of the pointillist or ‘divisionist’ theory, in which areas of flecked colour, juxtaposed against fields of a contrasting flecked colour, generate a sense of light. This stark image of modern gasometers is one of Signac’s first experiments employing Seurat’s Neo-Impressionist technique and was exhibited at the eighth and last Impressionist exhibition in 1886.