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Stela of Djedher
664 BCE-359 BCE

128.0 × 33.5 × 5.7 cm
Place/s of Execution
Accession Number
Credit Line
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Felton Bequest, 1939
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Gallery location
The Ancient World
Level 2, NGV International
Physical description
A tall, slender stela, broken in two pieces but complete. The top is rounded and the front face decorated and inscribed. The back and sides show chisel marks and the sides are cut at an incline, while the top and bottom edges are flat. The upper part of the stela carries a scene of the deceased before Osiris and Isis. Following the curve of the top of the stela is the hieroglyphic sign for heaven, below which is the winged sun's disc flanked by uraeii. On the right and left two 'was' sceptres frame the scene, and the figures stand on a base line which forms the top of the second register. The deceased is on the right with arms raised in adoration, wearing a long kilt with sash and a short wig which covers his ears. Osiris stands with crook and flail before an offering table separating him from the deceased. On the table are a trussed duck, a leg of beef and bread etc.. Behind Osiris stands Isis holding a 'was' sceptre and 'ankh' sign. Six lines of text above the figures identify them. The second register comprises two vertical lines of text followed by the deceased's wife holding a lotus flower, a single vertical line of text and then the deceased's eldest son with arms upraised. The third register comprises a single vertical line of text, the deceased's brother, another vertical line of text and then the deceased's two sisters, each holding lotus flowers and separated by a single vertical line of text. The fourth register comprises five horizontal lines of text, being an offering formula. The bottom 18.5 cms are empty. All the decoration is in low relief.