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Fragment of a false door from the tomb of Ankh-em-Thenenet
Old Kingdom, Dynasties V–VI 2494 BCE-2181 BCE

limestone, pigment
75.8 × 51.0 × 10.4 cm
Place/s of Execution
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Credit Line
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Felton Bequest, 1939
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Not on display
Physical description
A rectangular slab with a recently smoothed back and bottom edge and rough sides showing chisel marks. The front face is inscribed and decorated. The top 51.0 cm is taken up with parts of six lines of inscription, very well cut and with traces of blue pigment. The lower part comprises an upper line of inscription giving the titles of the deceased, whose nick-name is Inkhi, with a figure of the deceased on a chair in front of an offering table of tall bread. He appears to wear a long skirt which has hatching, and extends one hand to touch the bread, while bending the other, the position of which is uncertain. There may be traces of blue at one point on the arm. Below the table on the right is a 'nemset' vase with spout and in front of this is the offering list. This scene is between parts of two rectangular depressions. All the decoration is in low relief; the upper hieroglyphs are very well cut and the lower ones are on a smaller scale and rather weather worn.