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...from the secret life of statues
Leaf 7;recto: No title (Head of statue and man on hill) verso: No title (You send me a voice through lips of marble) Leaf 8;verso: No title ("I need a ship to begin my journey. Your eyes will do") Leaf 10;verso: No title (Head of statue partially covered by cloth) Leaf 11;recto: No title (Then the sound of the sea. My hands press against his chest. What is before me opens. And beyond - the blue immensity of my room) Leaf 12;recto: No title (Man in blue room) Leaf 13;recto: No title (Book on table with mirror) Leaf 13;verso: No title (Marble has an appetite for love) Leaf 15;recto: No title (Bronze statue and man's shadow) Leaf 16;recto: No title (Marble bust floating in landscape) Leaf 17;recto: No title (He wakes as others sleep, as if to triumph over death) Leaf 18;recto: No title (Hooded figure in cavern) Leaf 19;recto: No title (Figure and feet) Leaf 19;verso: No title (Face and beam of light) Leaf 20;recto: No title (Face and hand) Leaf 21;recto: No title (Kouros statue in city ruins) Leaf 22;verso: No title (like any traveller all he desired was rest) Leaf 23;verso: No title (Ancient urn and moon) Leaf 25;recto: No title (Man in rock pool) a

artist’s book: type C photographs, typesetting, embossing, 64 pages, leather cover, hand stitched binding
24.8 × 19.8 cm (page) 25.8 × 21.0 × 2.6 cm (closed) 25.8 × 43.3 cm (open)
Place/s of Execution
Melbourne, Victoria
ed. 10/10
Accession Number
Australian Photography
Credit Line
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Purchased through The Art Foundation of Victoria with the assistance of Mrs E. M. Borrow, Fellow, 1996
Gallery location
Not on display