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Bowl and saucer
(c. 1930)

(a-b) 8.5 × 18.4 cm diameter
(a) painted in green on basec.: A
Accession Number
Australian Decorative Arts
Credit Line
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Gwynneth White Adamson Bequest, 1997
Gallery location
Not on display
Physical description
Made according to the principles of the Moly-Sabata colony, the ceramics are from local materials and in the local style of country or peasant pottery. The shapes are simple, the glazes are the same as country glazes of the region and the ceramics are very low-fired. The bowl and saucer have segmented rough patterns of stylised flowers and geometric panels. This decoration is also related to simplified cubist abstraction of natural forms, developed in Dangar's ceramics later in the 1930s.