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A scene in South Australia

24.9 × 35.7 cm (comp.) 57.2 × 39.1cm irreg. (sheet)
printed in ink l.c.: A SCENE IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA
inscribed (inverted) in pen and brown ink on reverse u.c.: Adelaide Octr 10 1858. / Dear Bob / I met with the annexed Lithograph, / & have sent it to you, the characters are all Portraits, I / know them all & can avouch for its correctness. - / The Scene is a cottage on the North Park Lands, near / the Native Camp (Native Camp underlined), it is Washing Day - the Iron Pot, heating / the Water out-side - The Group of Natives, just returning / to Camp, from a days begging in Adelaide, accompanied / by a troop of Dogs - The principal character is "Old / King William" ("Old King William" underlined). The Woman on his right his Lubra. (i.e. Wife) / the others his family - the whole Dogs included is true to life. / "Old King William" is well known in Adelaide & is so named / from his resemblance to that Monarch, he came to Town every / morning in a clean White Shirt & carried his spear, his hair / White & gait stately, his Wife has a load on her head, some / of the others at their backs, where one of the Women carries / her "Piccanini." - the children are invariably naked, the Men & / Women but scantily clothed, you will notice their Arms & Legs / are very thin & deficient of Muscle, their hands & feet seem / a grade between the Ourang Outang & a perfect human development, / in their rambles they are always accompanied by a large troop of / hungry looking Dogs - the countenance of the "old King" is a little / too severe - in begging he never takes less than a silver (silver underlined) Sixpence, / if less be offered, it is given to his Lubra or children - I have / endeavoured to fold (fold underlined) so as not to injure the faces, & perhaps you / may take the creases out - We are all well & write in kindest / love & regards to you all & to all old friends; / Yours truly / D. L. (...illeg.) / Mr Robt Hart.
inscribed (vertically) in pen and brown ink on reverse u.r.: You will notice the Women as well as Men smoke.
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Australian Prints / Australian Prints & Drawings
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National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Gift of David Crawford, 1998
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