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The shepherd John Sell COTMAN Christ in the Garden of Olives Eugène DELACROIX Geryon conveying Dante and Virgil down towards Malebolge William BLAKE Dante at the Moment of entering the Fire William BLAKE The Schismatics and Sowers of Discord: Mosca de' Lamberti and Bertrand de Born William BLAKE The Hell-Hounds hunting the Destroyers of their own Goods William BLAKE The Necromancers and Augurs William BLAKE The Stygian Lake, with the Ireful Sinners fighting William BLAKE Clouds John CONSTABLE The Quarters behind Alresford Hall John CONSTABLE Carting the wheat Samuel PALMER The Angel inviting Dante to enter the Fire William BLAKE Vanni Fucci 'making Figs' against God William BLAKE Ephialtes and two other Titans William BLAKE Cerberus (second version) William BLAKE Minos William BLAKE St Peter appears to Beatrice and Dante William BLAKE Keswick, lake John CONSTABLE Satan watching the endearments of Adam and Eve William BLAKE Recumbent nude male figure on rocks William MULREADY The goatherd: View on the Galleria di Sopra above the Lake of Albano John Robert COZENS The Schismatics and Sowers of Discord: Mohammed William BLAKE The Vestibule of Hell and the Souls mustering to cross the Acheron William BLAKE Antaeus setting down Dante and Virgil in the Last Circle of Hell William BLAKE The Rest on the Mountain leading to Purgatory William BLAKE Dante running from the Three Beasts William BLAKE The Harlot and the Giant William BLAKE St Peter and St James with Dante and Beatrice William BLAKE The Golden City: Rome from the Janiculum Samuel PALMER A boat passing a lock John CONSTABLE
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