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Untitled Lucas CRANACH I Scene from the history of a saint Charles-Antoine COYPEL Seated putto Filippo BELLINI (attributed to) Vision of a saint Bartolomeo LETTERINI (attributed to) Saint Prosdocimus baptizing Saint Giustina Giambattista TIEPOLO Vison of a saint Ciro FERRI A saint preaching in the wilderness Charles Joseph NATOIRE Bearded Saint holding a cross Giovanni Antonio PORDENONE (attributed to) Martin Luther as Junker Jörg Lucas CRANACH I A scene from the New Testament Jacob JORDAENS (attributed to) Sheet of studies with the Annunciation and the Marriage of St Catherine UNKNOWN The Reed offered to Christ Anthony van DYCK St John the Baptist preaching UNKNOWN The finding of the True Cross COLA dell'Amatrice The Flagellation of Christ UNKNOWN The denial of St Peter Arthur BOYD Vision of a saint Fragment of a study Francesco BARBIERI Group of figures before a loggia facing and gesturing to the right Study of figures grouped around the swooning Virgin Pietro Paolo BONZI Jesus raising the widow's son Francesco SOLIMENA (attributed to) Untitled Schelte BOLSWERT Christ healing a blind man Lodovico CIGOLI (attributed to) The Harrowing of Hell PALMA il Giovane St Matthew in the clouds Guiseppe Antonio GHEDINI Mary Magdalen GUERCINO (circle of) Le Christ au Roseau Lucas VORSTERMAN I (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) The Return Salomon de BRAY Flight into Egypt Stefano GIORDANO Baptism of Christ Carlo CIGNANI (attributed to) Annunciation UNKNOWN; Federico ZUCCARO (after) The mystic marriage of Saint Catherine ENGLAND; Anthony van DYCK (after)