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Untitled G. STAFFORD Macbeth and the witches William PITTS A Standing warrior Benjamin WEST The Assassination of a Sleeping Figure Jean A LEPAUTRE Martyrdom of a Saint UNKNOWN Illustration to Jack the Giant Killer Robert Anning BELL Study for Macbeth Henry FUSELI Illustration to Jack the Giant Killer Robert Anning BELL Helmeted head appearing to two warriors Theodore von HOLST Vison of a saint Ciro FERRI A King surrounded by his court, rises up from his throne threatening with a sword a bishop kneeling before him PALMA il Giovane (attributed to) Sebastiaan Vrancx Schelte BOLSWERT (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Tommaso Francesco, Prince of Savoy-Carignano Paulus PONTIUS (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Figure of volunteer Charles Samuel KEENE Untitled Robert Anning BELL Untitled G. STAFFORD Albert de Ligne, Prince of Arenberg and Barbançon Schelte BOLSWERT (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) General Sir Charles Stewart UNKNOWN; George ROMNEY (after) Jeremias Jacob Stenglin Lucas KILIAN Untitled G. STAFFORD Study of Admiral and figure of CK Charles Samuel KEENE Ruggiero is assailed by a groom, a horse, a bird and a dog Jean-Honoré FRAGONARD Untitled G. STAFFORD Untitled Johannes Samuel OTTO Marten Pepyn Schelte BOLSWERT (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Philippe le Roy Adriaen LOMMELIN (attributed to) (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) John Frederick the Magnanimous, Elector of Saxony UNKNOWN; Lucas CRANACH II (after) Langham study of a cavalier holding sword Charles Samuel KEENE Hector amd Androm--- G. STAFFORD Untitled G. STAFFORD
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