Brian Martin <br/>
Muruwari/Bundjalung/Kamilaroi born 1972<br/>
<em>Methexical Countryscape Wurundjeri #3</em> 2012<br/>
charcoal on paper<br/>
(a-dd) (209.0 x 146.0 cm) (overall)<br/>
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne <br/>
Purchased NGV Foundation, 2013<br/>
© Brian Martin

Brian Martin leads Drop-by drawing

Brian Martin 
Muruwari/Bundjalung/Kamilaroi born 1972

The Drop-by drawing workshop at the NGV will enable participants to build a brief insight into the dynamic of drawing. This exciting experience will show how drawing is the act of ‘seeing’, focusing on developing observational skills specifically around a selection of works from the Joseph Brown Collection. The importance of this focus of ‘seeing’ is that drawing acts as a media of immediacy and sensation. It is in the sensation of mark making and in constructing drawings through the process of observation and lateral thinking that enables a bodily experience in the doing and then in the viewing of the works. This is the exciting dynamic of drawing and its relationship to many forms of art making.

In my own work, whether painting or drawing, the premise of mark making and sensation is vital. These two points are inter-related and inform the performative action of creating images. This performative action is re-lived in the viewing and re-experienced as one senses how the marks have been made. In drawing, the immediacy of marks can be experienced by the viewer in a raw state, which further extends the powerful force of drawing. Through exercises of various methods of drawing and observation, participants in the workshop will gain a good grasp of the premise of drawing.

As part of the NGV’s celebrations for Naidoc Week, contemporary Indigenous artist, Brian Martin, will be hosting a free Drop-by drawing session on Sunday at 2pm. All ages and artistic abilities welcome!