Chloe Newberry | Top Arts 2020

Circle wearables is a collection of interactive soft sculptures that function as a garment when activated by the body. Wearers engaging in play, form new circular relationships with the body and other sculptures. Balls of human hair on the surface of the work emphasise the connection between the body and the work. The circle is a prevalent theme in Newberry’s work. She explores the idea of absence by removing sections of the object, allowing the form to become circular or uncircular. The shape of the sculptures and garments were subconsciously selected through the artistic practice of automatism.

For the health and safety of all visitors and staff, please do not touch this work.

Chloe Newberry
Interactive view of Circle wearables 2019
calico, scrap fabric, human hair
Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, Southbank
© Chloe Newberry