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Creativity was Here 

Creativity is often considered the genesis point for artforms including painting, poetry, music, and dance, however its value to other areas – politics, sport, science, engineering or research ­– is often overlooked. To direct public attention towards the importance of creativity across all branches of knowledge, Creativity was Here by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, is a campaign that points to the numerous examples of creativity that have had a profound impact on the world as it is today.

Making use of the asterisk as a well-known graphic symbol, Creativity was Here highlights moments when creativity has helped accelerate positive change throughout history. From cultural movements to law reform, brilliant inventions to life-giving medical innovations, the campaign uses striking imagery and emotive storytelling to communicate that creativity is responsible for so much more than is immediately apparent. Billboards, transit posters, social media and moving image are used to depict creativity in action – from the impressive, the slightly shocking, the joyful and the heart-warming – to develop an unarguable testament to the value of creativity. Creativity was Here is activated by a QR code-initiated AR environment.

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne was formed in 1972. With partner agencies in Sydney, Brisbane and Wellington (NZ), Clemenger BBDO Melbourne was awarded Global Agency of the Year at Cannes Lions: The International Festival of Creativity (FRA) in 2017 and named Agency of the Decade by both Campaign Brief and Mumbrella (AUS) in 2020.

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