Come into the parlour – A room for kids

Fashion Detective is an exhibition of unattributed works dating from the nineteenth century conceived of as a series of ‘cases’ requiring investigation. Presented as small vignettes telling different stories of analysis and deduction, the exhibition is conceptually and visually playful.

Two-dimensional Victorian-inspired furnishings, created by our exhibition design team, frame each of the vignettes creating domestic ‘scenes’ for the visitor and context for the works on display. This suggestion of different rooms – the nursery, conservatory or bedroom – also informs Come into the parlour, the Fashion Detective Kids space at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia.

In Victorian times, the parlour was the most important room in the house. As a public space off the foyer where guests were entertained, it was a visible indication of a families’ social status, taste and interests. Cluttered with an eclectic arrangement of decorative items, the parlour was also a homely place to converse, listen to music and importantly play games!

With this in mind, Come into the parlour is a special room within the exhibition just for kids which recreates the fun vibe of the Victorian parlour. Inside visitors can play old favorites such as blindfold drawing and charades, or tackle memory, dice and detective games in groups or alone. For the keen of eye, there is also a spooky Pepper’s ghost to view through the fireplace.


Bring your friends and family and have fun!