Bridie Lunney with<br/>
Torie Nimmervoll<br/>
<em>Propositions</em> 2013<br/>
© Bridie Lunney with Torie Nimmervoll: photo Jake Walker

Bridie Lunney, Melbourne Now, 2013, NGV


Combining sculpture, jewellery and durational performance, Bridie Lunney’s practice positions the body as a conduit between the physical world and our emotional and psychological selves. Acting like a stage set, Lunney’s large-scale intervention into the NGV’s architecture is surrounded with sculptural forms that lie latent but full of potential energy. This is harnessed at different moments throughout the exhibition when the objects become props activated by performers. Performers include: Jim Lunney, Torie Nimmervoll, Lily Paskas, Sarah Enright and Melanie Lane.

Project Artists
Bridie Lunney