Helen GROGAN<br/>
born Australia 1979<br/>
Shelley LASICA<br/>
born Australia 1961<br/>
Anne-Marie MAY<br/>
born Australia 1965<br/>
<em>INSIDE VIANNE AGAIN</em> 2013<br/>
colour 3 channel HD digital video, 4 channel sound, 26 min, looped, transparent synthetic polymer resin, wood<br/>
(a) 23.0 x 151.8 x 133.9 cm (object), (b) 70.0 x 135.9 x 170.0 cm (object)<br/>
Collection of the artists<br/>
Photo: Anna Gilby and Helen Grogan<br/>
© Helen Grogan, Shelley Lasica and Anne-Marie May

Inside Vianne Again, 2013, Melbourne Now, NGV


INSIDE VIANNE AGAIN is a collaborative installation by Shelley Lasica, a choreographer and dancer; Helen Grogan, an installation artist who studied philosophy, art curatorship and choreography; and Anne-Marie May, a painter. Dancers Deanne Butterworth, Timothy Harvey, Jo Lloyd and Bonnie Paskas were filmed performing the work VIANNE, choreographed by Lasica, in the NGV gallery space. Projected back into the gallery, alongside sculptural objects, the work brings choreography and movement into the gallery, mediated by layers of projection, sound and objects.

Project Artists
Anne-Marie May
Shelley Lasica
Helen Grogan

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