15 Dec 17

Pleasure Garden

Theme leader
Jane Davidson

Supported by
University of Melbourne, as part of the NGV Triennial – exploring the emerging intersections of art, design, science and society.

Genevieve Lacey is a recorder virtuoso, serial collaborator and artistic director, with a significant recording catalogue and a career as an international soloist. As part of Triennial Voices, Genevieve Lacey has contributed audio files of her work in Pleasure Garden – a listening garden inspired by the story and music of the 17th-century musician, composer, improviser and nobleman Jacob van Eyck, and in collaboration with Jim Atkins, Robin Fox, Pete Brundle, Sera Davies and Stephen Goddard.




Her Nest

One Tree Hill

Amarilli variations II–III


Bee Halo


Bermagui Dawn


Feather Storm

Amarilli variation IV

Pale Blue Evenings

The full project can be found at www.pleasuregarden.com.au

Genevieve Lacey concept, co-composer of Pleasure Garden.