Helen GROGAN<br/>
born Australia 1979<br/>
Shelley LASICA<br/>
born Australia 1961<br/>
Anne-Marie MAY<br/>
born Australia 1965<br/>
<em>INSIDE VIANNE AGAIN</em> 2013<br/>
colour 3 channel HD digital video, 4 channel sound, 26 min, looped, transparent synthetic polymer resin, wood<br/>
(a) 23.0 x 151.8 x 133.9 cm (object), (b) 70.0 x 135.9 x 170.0 cm (object)<br/>
Collection of the artists<br/>
Photo: Anna Gilby and Helen Grogan<br/>
© Helen Grogan, Shelley Lasica and Anne-Marie May

Shelley Lasica, artist profile, Melbourne Now 2013, NGV