<em>Ancient Egypt for Kids</em>

Ancient Egypt for Kids

Ancient Egypt for Kids

NGV International

Ground Level, Children’s Gallery

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Until 6 Oct | Free entry

Open 10am–5pm daily

Children begin a journey of learning, play and discovery in this exhibition as they find out about the lives and times of the pharaohs, the building of the pyramids and the beautiful art objects made for eternity. Presented in the NGV children’s gallery, the exhibition features a selection of works from the NGV antiquities collection, hands-on activities, a multimedia quiz and cinematic screenings.

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Cracking Hieroglyphs

Budding Egyptologists can begin their learning about the Ancient Egyptian writing script called hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphs are pictures of birds, animals, leaves, trees, gods, people and objects that describe sounds and ideas. The hieroglyphs were used for keeping important records as well as writing about pharaohs and gods on temple and tomb walls. During your visit, receive an activity sheet and turn your name into hieroglyphs using crayon and an art technique called frottage.

Young children and toddlers can create a picture using frottage by adding animals and plants inspired by life along the Nile River in ancient times.

Build a Pyramid

The pharaohs of ancient Egypt built impressive tombs so that they could have everything they needed buried with them for the afterlife. Along with the coffin, objects such as food, furniture, clothing and jewellery were all stored inside.

Early on, pyramids were chosen as the structures for ancient Egyptian royal tombs because of their strong and stable form. Many pyramids have lasted for 4500 years and counting.

During your visit build versions of the pyramid structures using specially made boxes. This activity is designed for children aged 2 years and up.

Take the Quiz!

Who were the ancient Egyptians? What do we know about their art, culture, beliefs and daily life? Set in a room of gold, travel back in time in this richly animated multimedia quiz, and have fun learning and guessing answers accompanied by lively duo – a papyrus scroll and a local cat. Collect hieroglyphs along the way and be rewarded at the finish!

Who were the ancient Egyptians?

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With this book, take a journey down the Nile River. Along the way, find out about the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, the importance of reading and writing, and why mastering mathematics mattered. Filled with activities, try cracking hieroglyphs, solving ancient maths problems and baking bread using an ancient Egyptian recipe!

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