Erieta Attali<br/>
Israel born 1966 arrived United States of America 2000<br/>
<em>Glass / Wood house, New Canaan, USA by Kengo Kuma and Associates</em><br/>
digital image<br/>
Collection of the artist<br/>

Archaeology of Light

Architectural Photography by Erieta Attali

Free entry

NGV International

Level 3, Contemporary Art & Design

30 Nov 18 – 24 Mar 19

Through her poetic images, Israeli architectural photographer Erieta Attali explores the relationship between architecture and landscape, interrogating how the context and surrounding terrain of a building form part of a two-way dialogue. Attali is a master at revealing the natural within the manmade, depicting architecture as a feature of nature.

Projects by some of the world’s leading architects are revealed in this thought-provoking exhibition that focuses on the way Attali infects her images with details from nature and in doing so communicates a fundamental aspect of architecture – to encourage humankind to re-orient and centre itself through architectural responses.

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