Jamie North's <em>Rock melt</em> 2015, in Federation Court, NGV International <br/>
Photo: Brooke Holm<br/>
© Jamie North, courtesy of Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

Jamie North

Rock Melt

Free entry

NGV International

25 Mar 15 – 12 Jul 15

This exhibition of six large sculptural columns by Sydney-based artist Jamie North features plant life growing from concrete pylons in an apparent state of erosion. Each column, ascending from a solid base to a condition of lesser materiality, will be slowly overrun by creeping vines (Pandorea pandorana) that reflect the artist’s lifelong engagement with the observance and cultivation of plants.

The project takes its name from the Karl Marx quote, ‘All that is solid melts into air’, which is also a key conceptual inspiration for the work. Inspired by native flora growing randomly from mortar cracks in buildings and the aesthetics of mineral extraction and industrial waste, Rock melt, 2015, explores the relationship between nature and architecture, decay and regeneration and the traditions of cultivated gardens.

Jamie North: Rock Melt is presented as part of the NGV’s ongoing series of Federation Court commissions.

Supported by the Loti & Victor Smorgon Fund.

Cultivating concrete