Children creating a self-portrait with felt shapes in the interactive exhibition Julian Opie: Studio for Kids at NGV International running from 9 November 2018 – 17 February 2019.<br/>
Photo: Eugene Hyland<br/>
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NGV International

9 Nov 18 – 17 Feb 19

Julian Opie is one of Britain’s leading contemporary artists and has been making portraits since the 1990s. Inspired by the world around him, Julian uses a bold style to record the people he sees, often reducing faces into simple shapes.

NGV Kids presents an interactive exhibition for families, featuring hands-on and digital activities developed in collaboration with the artist. In this studio, Julian invites you to create a portrait in a new way. You can try constructing a head using felt shapes or create a digital self-portrait using only line and colour.


Using basic shapes, like circles for heads, this felt activity shows how just a few elements can come together to make a portrait. Children can play with shape and colour to create a portrait using colourful felt pieces.

Julian Opie + Me

When Julian first began to draw portraits, he used to look at himself in the mirror, close one eye and carefully trace his reflection using a felt tip pen. Inspired by Julian’s approach to drawing, this digital interactive guides children step-by-step to create their own colourful portrait in the style of the artist. Finished portraits can be shared on social media for friends and family to enjoy.

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Julian Opie

9 Nov 18 – 17 Feb 19
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The NGV presents the work of Julian Opie, one of Britain’s most influential living artists.

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The NGV warmly thanks The Truby and Florence Williams Charitable Trust, managed by Equity Trustees, the Neilson Foundation and the Packer Family Foundation for their generous support of Julian Opie: Studio for Kids.