Jacob van RUISDAEL<br/>
<em>The watermill</em> (c. 1660) <!-- (recto) --><br />

oil on canvas<br />
63.3 x 68.7 cm (image) 64.7 x 70.8 cm (canvas)<br />
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne<br />
Felton Bequest, 1922<br />
1249-3<br />


NGV Water Trail

Free entry

NGV International

Waterwall, Level G

1 Jun 09 – 1 Jun 11

The National Gallery of Victoria is delighted to join with BlueScope Steel and Melbourne Water to bring you this innovative NGV Water Trail.

The Water Trail has been developed to enable visitors to the Gallery to learn more about key works of art and how the works relate to the story of water – its value and importance throughout history and across cultures.

All life depends on water. In Australia, we live on the driest inhabited continent, so it is vital that we all work together to protect this precious resource and ensure a sustainable water future.

The NGV is committed to achieving and promoting water conservation. With the support of BlueScope Steel and Melbourne Water, this Water Trail has been developed to promote the value of water to NGV visitors.

The NGV has also developed a Water Management Plan for its iconic St Kilda Road Gallery. When it rains, water collects on the roof of NGV International and runs into the building’s gutters. The rain water is fed into underground water tanks and when required, pumped through a treatment plant into the moat system. The entire system, including five moats and four fountains, is designed to use a continually circulating supply of harvested rain water.

The Waterwall at the entrance to NGV International marks the beginning of the Water Trail. The Waterwall runs separately to the moat system, with its own water holding tank and treatment plant. Rain water is pumped from underground tanks into the Waterwall holding tank and then through a treatment plant to the Waterwall head. The water cascades down the glass, before flowing back into the holding tank to repeat the cycle. The constant flow creates a natural filter between the bustle of the city and the calm seclusion and ambience of the Gallery.

Discover the importance of water through art – its meaning and its beauty – and find out how we can all play a role in protecting and conserving our precious water resources.

For details on NGV Water Trail School Programs telephone (03) 8620 2340 (weekdays) or email education.schoolprograms@ngv.vic.gov.au