Pedro Reyes


Free entry

NGV International

Ground Level, Federation Court

11 Oct 13 – 27 Oct 13

Disarm is Mexican artist Pedro Reyes’s response to global civilian warfare, the result of the illicit arms trafficking that claims many lives daily. Using parts from thousands of weapons confiscated by the Mexican government, Reyes has worked with local artisans to create an ensemble of forty-seven ingenious instruments including electric guitars fashioned from assault weapons, drum sets from pistols, flutes from shotguns and a harmonica carved from a handgun. Disarm is an inspired model of symbolic transformation, and a bold declaration: make art not war!

Pedro Reyes: Disarm is part of the Melbourne Festival

Pedro Reyes and Disarm at Lisson Gallery, 2013
Image courtesy Lisson Gallery
© Pedro Reyes, courtesy Lisson Gallery and Alumnos 47