Open House

Tromarama for Kids

Free entry

NGV International

Ground Level

22 May 15 – 18 Oct 15

Tromarama have built a house inside the Gallery, and everyone’s invited over to play. Inspired by ordinary homes, this one is a little bit extraordinary –  everything inside has come to life!  Come explore Open House: Tromarama for Kids.

Contemporary art collective Tromarama, comprising three artist friends, capture the excitement of interacting with new technologies to transform everyday experiences into artworks. In Open House, familiar domestic scenes from the kitchen to the courtyard are embellished with spectacular displays of furnishings and interactive experiences to delight and surprise children as they venture from one room to the next. Inspired by the interior of a typical Indonesian home, Open House features panoramic screenings of the artists’ stop-motion films and enables visitors to experiment with stop-motion animation through a multimedia app, creating short films that can be shared with friends and family.

Open House: Tromarama for Kids is generously supported by The Dewhurst Family.
The NGV Kids program is supported by the Truby & Florence Williams Charitable Trust.

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Watch artists Tromarama demonstrate the Tromaramix App and view films made by kids at Open House. Developed by the NGV in collaboration with Tromarama, the iPad App is now available for free download from the App Store.

With step-by-step instructions, discover the magic of stop-motion animation and create your own films anywhere at any time!