William Eggleston Portraits

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NGV International

Level 3, Contemporary Art & Design

17 Mar 17 – 18 Jun 17


William Eggleston is one of the most important photographic artists of the twentieth century. This Australian exclusive major exhibition travels from its critically acclaimed showing at the National Portrait Gallery, London and is the first exhibition of Eggleston’s photographs to be exhibited at the NGV.

Eggleston holds an ongoing influence for subsequent generations of photographers and artists. He is best known for his pioneering use of colour and images of suburban life in the Southern United States.

This exhibition is the first comprehensive museum exhibition devoted to Eggleston’s remarkable portraits. These works capture family, friends, casual acquaintances and strangers in a series of eloquent, poetic character studies and collectively form a social portrait of a time, place and way of life.

American filmmaker Sofia Coppola cites Eggleston as an inspiration and reference in her movies, and has described the experience of viewing his work as, ‘having your breath taken away’.

Exhibition organised by the National Portrait Gallery, London, with support from the artist and the Eggleston Artistic Trust and presented by the National Gallery of Victoria.

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