Xin Nian

Contemporary Chinese Australian Art

Free entry

The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, Fed Square

Ground Level

22 Jan 04 – 2 May 04

当澳大利亚人关注外交政策并在媒体和广大人群中辩论移民问题时,我们举办一个展览是适宜的, 这些个人的作品让你感到他们的特征和文化从属关系。参展的艺术家尽管不全部出生于中国,但都具有中国的血统。所有的艺术家目前都定居于墨尔本,他们的作品 反映出他们对传统中国艺术的理解,一些作品还融会了西方文化的影响。通过他们创造性的实践, 参展艺术家的文化特征被得到展示,可以商榷或修改。 作品表明 一个世界上最古老文化永远充满活力的本质。正值中国的新年,新年画展提供给您一个一览当代澳洲华人的艺术实践天地。参展艺术家的作品只是反映中国当代艺术 的一个层面,可以从多方面进行欣赏,侧重于哲学、政治或美学方面。

At a time when foreign policy issues dominate the Australian consciousness and debates about immigration regularly occur, it seems fitting to hold an exhibition of work by artists who explore identity and cultural affiliations.

Scheduled to coincide with Chinese New Year, Xin Nian: Contemporary Chinese Australian Art provides a glimpse of the breadth of practice that constitutes contemporary Chinese Australian art. The artists are indicators rather than agents for the state of contemporary Chinese art and the work can be read in a number of ways, with emphasis on the philosophical, the political or the aesthetic.

Although not all were born in mainland China the Melbourne-based artists featured in Xin Nian: Contemporary Chinese Australian Art all claim some form of Chinese heritage. Their work conveys an understanding of traditional Chinese art and is sometimes fused with influences from western culture. Through their creative practice, the cultural identity of the artists is demonstrated, negotiated or modified. The resulting works of art are an indication of the perpetually dynamic nature of one of the oldest cultures in the world.