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28 March 1483 {or 6 April 1483} Urbino, Italy
06 April 1520

52 works

Raphael and his mistress UNKNOWN (woodcutter); Ugo da CARPI (after); RAPHAEL (after) Christ in the house of Simon the Pharisee Alessandro GANDINI (woodcutter); Andrea ANDREANI (printer); PARMIGIANINO (after); RAPHAEL (after) Saint Peter preaching to the multitude Niccolò VICENTINO (attributed to) (woodcutter); Andrea ANDREANI (printer); Polidoro da CARAVAGGIO (attributed to) (after); RAPHAEL (attributed to) (after) Lucretia Marcantonio RAIMONDI (engraver); RAPHAEL (after) Venus and Vulcan surrounded by cupids Agostino dei MUSI (engraver); RAPHAEL (after) Madonna and Child Peltro William TOMKINS (engraver); RAPHAEL (after) The plague Marcantonio RAIMONDI (engraver); RAPHAEL (after) Massacre of the Innocents Marcantonio RAIMONDI (engraver); RAPHAEL (after) The Massacre of the Innocents Moritz STEINLA (engraver); Marcantonio RAIMONDI (after) (engraver); RAPHAEL (after) Martyrdom of Saint Cecilia Marcantonio RAIMONDI (engraver); RAPHAEL (after) The Holy Family (La Sainte famille de Jesus Christ) UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after) The miraculous draught of fishes John HENNING; RAPHAEL (after) Paul preaching at Athens John HENNING; RAPHAEL (after) Christ's charge to Peter John HENNING; RAPHAEL (after) Untitled UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after) M....after Raphael UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after) Meekness (Comitas) UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after) Justice UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after) Jeanne d'Arragon UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after); BOUILLOE (after) Battle scene Giovanni Jacopo CARAGLIO; RAPHAEL (after) La Belle Jardiniere de Florence UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after); François BOUCHER (after) La Bella Visconti UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after) Portrait of Raphael UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after) The Crossing UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after) The Holy Family, St Elizabeth, St John and two angels UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after) Madonna del pesce UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after) The Holy Family and the Infant St.John UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after) La Sainte Famille UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after) Elymos UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after) Nunc Ego Mitto Te Aperire Oculos Eorum UNKNOWN; RAPHAEL (after)
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