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Australian Photography (9,310)

Brett Whiteley Anthony BROWELL Henry and Clyde, two stockmen in the film Geoffrey COLLINGS Terrified demonstrators sit, their hands tied behind their backs with their shirts, in the street after having been flushed out of the Royal Hotel at gunpoint. The demonstrators, many of them bloodied and bruised, were later herded off in military trucks, followed by fellow demonstrators who feared that they could all too easily go missing without witness Philip BLENKINSOP Pine Gap from Burt Bluff, Northern Territory Peter ELLISTON Arles, France, July 1977 Fiona HALL Untitled Virginie GRANGE Crossing on the Badger River at Healesville Nicholas CAIRE Yarra Bank at Batman Avenue Mark STRIZIC No title (Girl in period costume, model Ida Washington, niece of Hollick) Ruth HOLLICK Salamanca John WILLIAMS Collins Street, Melbourne Max DUPAIN Beech Forest Baw Baw Track William HOWIESON (attributed to) Porthos Dr L. A. LOVE No title (Young woman wearing velvet bodice), cabinet print David WOOD Joanie, Lynny and baby Jade Christine GODDEN Rome John WILLIAMS Balcombe's Creek Mornington William HOWIESON (attributed to) Frankston, Victoria, Australia Nicholas CAIRE; UNKNOWN (manufacturer) Collins Street, Melbourne Max DUPAIN Lynny, Raven and baby Jade Christine GODDEN No title (Man wearing glasses), cabinet print Thomas GALE The Block Arcade, Collins Street Mark STRIZIC No title (Young woman in hunting costume, model Lucy Crosbie Morrison) Ruth HOLLICK Clapham Junction John WILLIAMS South Wharf Anthony GREEN Martin Place, Sydney David MOORE Bobbie and Amitabha at the beach Christine GODDEN No title (Man), cabinet print WILLIAMS & CO., South Melbourne The Island trader Dr L. A. LOVE Fern Tree Gully William HOWIESON (attributed to)