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The Orchestra, Opening of The Great Exhibition 1862 Stephen THOMPSON Iona Cathedral, Scotland UNKNOWN In Ayrshire Francis BEDFORD (attributed to) Raglan Castle Francis BEDFORD (attributed to) South Wales Francis BEDFORD (attributed to) The Vine-tree angle. Doge's Palace, (Venice) Drunkenness of Noah Stephen THOMPSON (attributed to) The judgment of Solomon, angle, Doge's Palace, Venice Stephen THOMPSON (attributed to) Elaine watching the shield of Lancelot Henry PEACH ROBINSON (Tomb of Chantrey's children, Lichfield Cathedral) UNKNOWN Tintern Abbey Francis BEDFORD Porch, the Duomo, Verona, Italy Stephen THOMPSON H.R.H. The Crown Prince of Prussia, International Exhibition Stephen THOMPSON (attributed to) Grande Canale, Venice Stephen THOMPSON (attributed to) (Houses of Parliament, London) UNKNOWN International Exhibition 1862 (showing the New South Wales court) Stephen THOMPSON (attributed to) Raglan Castle Francis BEDFORD (attributed to) Raglan Castle Francis BEDFORD (attributed to) Early spring Henry PEACH ROBINSON Prayer Stephen THOMPSON Pont y Griffin, Capel Curig, North Wales Francis BEDFORD (attributed to) Pass of Llanberis, North Wales Francis BEDFORD (attributed to) A life study in the Isle of Wight UNKNOWN Gordon - New Cottage Oxford University UNKNOWN Switzerland, 1925 László MOHOLY-NAGY No title (Arch) FRATELLI ALINARI, Florence Painter's daughter August SANDER Bienenwabe, 1939 László MOHOLY-NAGY St Peter's, Rome FRATELLI ALINARI, Florence Meudon André KERTÉSZ Paris Robert FRANK