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Louise-Marie de France
oil on canvas
inscribed in black paint c.r.: Drouais le fils / 1763
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International Painting
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Not on display
Subjects (general)
Biographical Portraits
Subjects (specific)
books dresses (garments) flower (motif) half figures lace (needlework) nobility princesses women (female humans)


FRAME: French, Louis XV

The frame on Louise-Marie de France is a fine example of carved and gilded swept edge Louis XV French frames. It is carved in oak and the reverse of each section is hollowed out to relieve tension in the timber with exchanges in moisture content. The corners are mitred and cross-splined. It is in remarkably good condition (despite being re-gilded) and a prime example of this type of French frame which was heavily reproduced throughout the nineteenth century and beyond in broad, loosely detailed variations.
There is no reason to think the frame on the Drouais might not be the original presentation of the painting. It forms a well balanced relationship between the emphatic, decorative corners and centres of the frame and the compositional structure of the painting.

Unknown - 18th century

carved oak and gold leaf