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silk, cotton, ochres, metallic thread
171.5 × 64.5 cm
label, adhered to l.r. corner of lining, the artist's signature in Japanese characters is stamped in red ink on a small white cotton square
Accession Number
Australian Fashion and Textiles
Credit Line
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Purchased, 1998
Gallery location
Not on display
Physical description
The wallhanging is handwoven with silk thread, hand dyed using the ikat technique, creating subtle bands of graduating colour. Hues of yellow, brown, cream and beige merge across the surface. The woven design has 'blurred' beige and cream vertical stripes converging into a framed square in the middle. The centre of the work has a large rectangular grey muslin patch with frayed edges adhered to the surface and painted with pigments and ochres. This is covered by a rust coloured muslin oval, which is covered with a smaller light brown muslin oval. Rows of running stitch in raffia and gold metallic thread cover this section. The work is finished with a deep fringe, with ikat dyed threads in orange and yellow, knotted at the base. The hanging is lined with black silk and the artist's signature in Japanese characters is stamped in red on a small cotton square which is adhered to the lining at the lower right corner. The top of the textile has a casing which holds a black wooden rod for display.