This edition of the Art Bulletin of Victoria 34 contains four carefully chosen essays from a variety of areas of the NGV’s collection:

Catheline Périer-D’Ieteren discusses the Contributions to the study of the Melbourne Triptych. II,  investigating the artists that may have produced The miracle of the loaves and fishes, The Raising of Lazarus, The Rest on the Flight to Egypt and St Peter.

Margaret Manion, Lyndsay Knowles and John Payne delve into the making of the richly illuminated prayer-book, the Aspremont Psalter-Hours, and in particular the Hours in the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria, examining in detail the physical features of the manuscript, its design and layout and the relationship between its text and decoration.

Mae Anna Pang explores Japanese woodblock prints as a mass medium in the age of the Tokugawa, 1615–1868, retelling the stories represented in woodblocks in the Gallery’s collection and discussing their connections with the popular kabuki theatre of the time.

Pamela Clelland Gray introduces the work of Lillie Williamson, a ‘pioneer of Australian picture framing’, whose preference for manual and traditional methods of manufacture attained her great success in Britain in the early 1900s and also established her reputation in Australia, not just as the wife of artist Tom Roberts but as a talented carver in her own right.

We trust you will enjoy the articles and appreciate the breadth and depth of the contributors’ research and scholarship in this edition.