Art Bulletin of Victoria 43 is a special double issue comprised of articles on various topics including Isobel Crombie’s exploration of O.G. Rejlander’s revolutionary photography in ‘The Madonna of the future: O.G. Rejlander and Sassaferrato’. Crombie explains Rejlander’s innate ability to capture and document human emotions; Rejlander was considered so skilled at his craft that he was commissioned by Charles Darwin to illustrate his groundbreaking book The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals.

John Payne and Carl Villis’s article ‘Finding light in the shadows: the cleaning and restoration of Tiepolo’s The banquet of Cleopatra’, deconstructs the momentous task of restoring Giovanni Battista Tiepolo’s The banquet of Cleopatra. The important painting depicts the Egyptian queen Cleopatra at the moment when she wins her bet with the Roman consul Mark Anthony, at the most extravagant meal in history. Payne and Villis take the reader through the intricate processes of examining, cleaning and restoring the fragile and much loved painting.

This special double issue has many more fascinating articles on a wide-range of art works. So we trust that you will enjoy reading these well-researched, scholarly articles.

Isobel Crombie, Commissioning Editor