NGV Kids On Tour

NGV Kids on Tour is a National Gallery of Victoria initiative that offers children and families throughout regional and metropolitan Victoria the opportunity to engage with art and creativity through a range of free hands-on activities and workshops.

The NGV Kids on Tour program 2020 takes place during the summer school holidays and many workshops run in conjunction with the NGV Kids Summer Festival from 11 – 19 Jan 2020.

Please contact your local venue for workshop dates, times and relevant booking information. All activities are free.


Mystery Making

Pre-school with parent of guardian assistance

A blob of soft modelling clay can be turned into anything with a little making skill and a lively imagination! In this fun making and guessing game, players take turns rolling the dice and creating different objects for their friends and family to guess.

Monster Mania

Pre-school with parent of guardian assistance

Children play with chance to create drawings of monsters when they play this drawing game. The roll of the dice determines whether it will be a silly, scary or spooky monster.

Animal Shapes

Ages: 5+

Artist Alexander Calder’s love of animals began at a young age and stayed with him throughout his career. When he was just 11 years old, Calder sculpted three-dimensional dog and duck figures from a piece of flat brass sheet metal and presented them to his parents as Christmas gifts.

Now it’s time for you to create your own animal to take home. Just like Calder, you may wish to give your creation away as a gift to someone you love.

Make a Friend for BFF

Ages: 2+

Artist Brian Donnelly, aka KAWS creates sculptures that are filled with human feeling and emotion. This activity featuring KAWS character BFF highlights friendship and acts of kindness when children draw a friend for BFF.


Ages: 2+

PLAYTIME is a take home kit containing a pop-up surprise and a special set of alphabet stickers drawn by KAWS. This activity invites children to play with letters, spell new words and when complete, take their kit home to display proudly in their room.

Shoe Biz

Pre-school with parent or guardian assistance

Gumboots, sneakers, shoes and socks! Putting on shoes is a part of getting dressed at the start of each day. In this activity for under 5s, children can cut out a pair of shoes, thread shoelaces and practise tying up their shoes.

Let's Make a Pizza, a Soup, a Curry or a Stew

Pre-school with parent or guardian assistance

In the activity, preschool children can fill the paper version of a cooking pot with coloured papers and imagine their own recipes or family favourite dishes. A fun activity for young members of the family to share with the household chef.


If you represent a regional venue and would like to register your interest in participating in future NGV Kids on Tour programs, please contact us via [email protected]

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