Picasso and the portrait

Levels 3-6

What was it about portraiture that captivated Picasso and so many artists of his time?  Discuss how artists in The Picasso Century expressed ideas about themselves and others through portraits and consider different ideas associated with the genreThen, after a self-guided exhibition viewing, visit our studio space and produce a self-portrait inspired by the exhibition, combining paper collage and relief printing techniques.

Duration: 3 hours

Learning Objectives 

  • Define the term ‘portrait’ and discuss why artists produce them.
  • Analyse and interpret examples of portraits and self portraits in The Picasso Century.
  • Experiment with relief printing techniques to create a variety of lines, shapes and patterns.
  • Produce a self-portrait printed on a collaged paper surface.

Visit includes

  • Subsidised transport to and from NGV International
  • Free NGV Educator led intro talk in an education theatre (60 minutes)
  • Free self-guided exhibition viewing (approx. 60 minutes)
  • Free NGV Educator workshop in NGV Learn Studios (60 minutes)

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